Stamping out its budget problems with closures?

Randy Miyamoto
Randy Miyamoto
June Lee
June Lee

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - In its effort to stamp out its budget problems, the U.S. Postal Service has released a preliminary list of 10 locations on Oahu that will be considered for possible closure.

All of these post offices and branches are in Honolulu.

Officials considered a branch's proximity to other facilities, lease arrangements with landowners and the impact a closure would have on employees and customers. Still, some aren't happy about their post office possibly closing down.

Like many other business owners, Randy Miyamoto relies heavily on post offices and the services they provide.

"I keep my P.O. box over here and a lot of times this is centrally located in town, so basically, it's a good way to pick up my important business mail and go straight to my office," he said.

But the Makiki Post Office and nine others in Honolulu could possibly be written off.

These include locations in Aina Haina, Kaimuki, Kapalama, Waialae-Kahala, Fort Shafter, Tripler Army Medical Center, money order offices at Pearl Harbor and Makalapa, along with one in Moiliili. It's where June Lee goes everyday.

"Most businesses rely on mail, still, if your customers are paying you directly to your bank, then that will really change things, but most customers are still mailing your checks," he said.

But much to the Postal Service's dislike, its services are becoming a thing of the past. More people are turning to faster and cheaper ways of communicating.

On a national level, the Postal Service says it's considering to close a little more than 10 percent of its stations.

In Miyamoto's case, he lives and works by two locations that may close.

"Basically, my other option would be close to my house, which is Kapalama, which would be another substation that's gonna close, so it puts me going all the way to the airport, which is ridiculous for my P.O. box or going to Ala Moana," he said.

The Postal Service plans on having a better idea of which post offices to close, if any, by next week. They also plan on getting input from the public.

But until then, it leaves both Lee and Miyamoto with just a small seal of hope.

Local Postal Service officials stress that this list is only a preliminary one. No branches will be closed before October 1st. Also, no employees are expected to be laid off because of the possible closures. Instead, they may be re-assigned to other locations.