Exclusive: parents talk about teen's apparent alcohol poisoning death

Tracy Ah Mook Sang
Tracy Ah Mook Sang
Audrey Wolz
Audrey Wolz

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

PAPAKOLEA (KHNL) - An Oahu family is in mourning following the unexpected death of a teenaged girl. Police believe the child, who went to a party in Hawaii Kai, died from alcohol poisoning.

Jason and Tracy Ah Mook Sang say their daughter's death leaves a hole that can never be filled. They hope this tragedy can serve as a lesson for other teens.

Her first name means "precious," and that's exactly what Makamae Ah Mook Sang was to her parents.

"Makamae was such a special girl," Tracy Ah Mook Sang, mother, said.

The outgoing 15-year-old was a dancer with Hula Halau O Kamuela, was a canoe paddler with Hui Lanakila, and attended church regularly.

But her bright smile is now gone. Police say Makamae went to a party, drank hard liquor for a couple of hours, and became unresponsive.

"She was so into knowing not to do those kinds of stuff, so into knowing," Tracy Ah Mook Sang said. "And, you know, I have totally unanswered questions."

Her parents say they had a close relationship with Makamae and are struggling to understand what happened.

"Last night, when phone calls were coming in, I actually was hoping that was her 'cause I kept begging, please, just let her talk to me. Tell me something," the grieving mother said through tears.

Makamae was to begin her junior year at Roosevelt High this coming Monday. Staff members, stunned by her sudden death, are preparing to notify students and offer them counseling.

"All the counselors are going to be up in the library during first period and the teachers are going to release students from class who are grieving, you know, the loss of their friend and classmate," Audrey Wolz, Roosevelt High counselor, said.

The Ah Mook Sangs hope other teens will learn from this tragedy.

"Most definitely," Tracy Ah Mook Sang said. "I would never want any parent to have to have their child taken like this."

The Honolulu Medical Examiner's office says it won't release any information, including the blood alcohol level, until at least Saturday. For now, the case is classified as an unattended death.