Mokulele Airlines has new home

Lee Collins
Lee Collins

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With a special song, a prayer and ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mokulele Airlines celebrated a new beginning.

"We're really excited," said Scott Durgin, president and CEO of Mokulele Airlines.

The carrier now has a new home and hangar, located near the airport on Kaulele Place. The two-story building is its new corporate and reservations office, where 40 workers will now report to. It's another positive sign for the interisland airline.

"Since the recapitalization of Mokulele in March, we've been focused on establishing the airline alliances that we've built with Continental, United, Qantas Airlines and the latest is Alaska," said Durgin.

Local partners are also flying high over Mokulele's services.

"Their new jets are sexy, their seats are big and comfortable, their staff is young and vibrant. They've taken a footprint that Aloha vacated statewide and they've been a wonderful partner," said Lee Collins, vice president of Polynesian Adventure Tours.

At a time when the economy and other airlines are struggling, Mokulele has increased revenue by 100% since January. And the carrier hopes to continue its success, by building more alliances.

"To grow the number of people that are exposed to Mokulele," said Durgin.

Mokulele provides services to four islands and is currently on track to fly 50,000 passengers for the month.