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July 29, 2009

'Dog Daze

John Fink John Fink

I've always been a fan of the Outdoor Circle.  In almost a century of service here, it has done a great job of keeping our landscape and cityscape free of obnoxious signage and billboards.  But I think  the group erred last week in condemning the Weinermobile from Oscar Mayer as a mobile advertising vehicle.  Now I understand that a 27-foot long hotdog on wheels is probably a poster child for that true definition as such, but just like we allow circus animals to come to town without mandating quarantine, can't we make an exception for a rolling hotdog once every few years?

Obviously, we see some form of billboards all of the time in Hawaii- on tee shirts, on trucks, on bumper stickers, on human bodies, etc.  But the Outdoor Circle has done a fine job over the years maintaining a decorum to ensure that signs stay within a certain size and that the over-commercialization you see just about everywhere else does not envelope Hawaii scenery.

Maybe if the Weinermobile delivered newspapers, the mail, bake sale flyers, or gave out mini-hotdog samples when it visits, it might get around the definition of pure vehicular advertising.  In the meantime, and to be perfectly "frank", let's all "mustard" enough strength to "relish" this visiting 'dog, not get ourselves into a "pickle" or a "beef", and simply "roll" with it- yes, right into the "wiener's" circle.  Think about it...

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