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Outback Steakhouse Sports Spotlight: VJ Fehoko

Vili Fehoko Vili Fehoko
VJ Fehoko VJ Fehoko
Breiden Fehoko Breiden Fehoko

By Jason Tang - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - He's fierce on the football field. But at home, VJ Fehoko is exactly the opposite.

"When you see VJ out there on the football field he's totally a different person, but VJ at home is every parents dream to have kids like VJ," said his father Vili.

His parents call him the heart and soul of the family. He does the laundry, cooks, cleans, and it's not just for himself, it's for everyone in the house.

"People think that being football star is easy, no, it's hard work, and it's starts from home, that's what my parents always say, I just try to do anything around the house to make everyone's job easier I guess, whatever I can do and of course so this guy doesn't hit me," said VJ with a laugh as he pats his dad's shoulder.

VJ's dad is Vili the Warrior, one of the most visible personalities in all of Hawaii. And while VJ says it's great to have him as a father, he's found out quickly it comes with expectations.

"You know, a lot of people give my dad a hard time about my brothers go off to college in the mainland, so I think he gets it hard but I get to be on the field at the UH game, and get to be on the field during practice and meet the coaches first hand and that's what every kid dreams of," said VJ.

But for VJ's kid brother Breiden, there's only one dream he has concerning his brother and his future football plans.

"Hopefully he'll stay here so I don't have to clean up the house on the weekend or have to wash the dishes when my mom asks me," joked Breiden.

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