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UH officials take pay cuts

Jim Donovan Jim Donovan
Greg McMackin Greg McMackin

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Although an agreement has not yet been reached regarding state workers, some University of Hawaii officials, are doing what they can, to help the state's budget shortfall.

Athletic Director Jim Donovan, is voluntarily accepting, a 7 percent pay cut.

"I think it's the right thing to do. It's part of leadership. You gotta lead by example. And even though I didn't have to because I have a contract, I volunteered to do it, all the other administrators are doing it, it's the right thing to do," said Donovan.

Just last week, UH President David McClain announced, he and his successor, M.R.C. Greenwood, would take 10 percent pay cuts.

UH coaches, may be asked to do the same, to help deal with about $155 million dollars in budget cuts, the school is facing.

Warrior Football Head Coach Greg McMackin, talked about that possibility and said, "I've always been a team player and even though my contract doesn't require me to contribute, I believe in giving my fair share for the football program."

McMackin has a five-year contract. He ears more than $1 million a year and is the state's highest paid employee.

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