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Oahu doctor improving care with online medical records

Dr. Brian Lee Dr. Brian Lee

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Getting medical records online is a big part of President Barack Obama's sweeping health reform package.

An ambitious project that, if passed, will take years and cost billions.

But at Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, electronic medical records are not only already online, they're saving lives.  Dr. Brian Lee is at the fore-front of the project and says the records allow for the early intervention of high-risk patients.

"Now with all these electronic resources I can learn to a great degree what different patients are about without them actually having them have to come in" said Lee.

The kidney specialist says the program allows physicians to play a more pro-active role, and that use of electronic records not only increased early intervention, but reduced by two-thirds the number of late specialist referrals.

"There is some interesting data that shows that we may actually be saving people from going on dialysis" said Lee.  "It's very exciting. It's preliminary and we're studying it now and we think something good is going to come of this."

Lee also says the Kaiser plan is being looked at as a model to help other high-risk patients around the world.

"Yes, this is something that we're doing that no one else has been able to do so far" said Lee. "But I can tell you there is a lot of interest in doing it this way."

 "This is a project that started in Kaiser Hawaii and I think we're proud of that, you know this is happening here that it took a team of great people to get this going and it's nice to show off what we're doing here in Hawaii to the rest of the world."

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