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Tech industry fuses together for ideas

Tony Jones Tony Jones
Truman Leung Truman Leung
Dan Leuck Dan Leuck

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Some of the state's top tech-savvy innovators Saturday fused together to exchange ideas and find ways to get more people to use this valuable resource.

From filmmakers to software developers, this Tech Hui Conference is the first of its kind in Hawaii.

And although they may use technology in different ways, what remains the same is their commitment to using it to enhance people's lives.

Tony Jones is a bright guy. Well, at least his creation is.

"One of the major things for myself is that these products do not contain mercury, so they're environmentally friendly," he said. "It is more expensive then conventional lighting but since electricity here in Hawaii is triple that of the mainland you get a return on your investment within a year."

Jones isn't jonesing when he talks about ways his high tech LED lightbulbs help people save, both in their wallets and the environment.

"The economic factor is that it saves 50-90 percent electricity, some of the lightbulbs we have here, this one here replaces a fluorescent tube, saves 55 percent electricity," he said.

The focus of this conference is promoting clean energy and many have showed up with unique ideas.

You can thank god for Truman Leung's creation, literally. His idea for it came from many Sunday trips to the creator's home. His web-based database for churches have received high praise.

"It's something the church needs to do anyway, regardless of the economy, helps them to also follow up with people, make sure they are ok if they don't show up for a few weeks," he said.

Event organizers say hawaii has the potential to become a leader in the tech industry, but more needs to be done to promote it.

"There's been a lot of lip service paid to an economy that's based on innovation, innovation-based economy and we think there's time for more action to actually create that, to do that we need to bring people in, keep the smart folks that we have here," Event organizer Dan Leuck said.

Those include people like Jones. He hopes his bright idea leads to other ones from other people.

"I'm hoping to educate people, let them know, get over that feeling that I'm spending too much money on a light bulb when actually I'm spending too much money on electricity," he said.

Since this was the first Tech Hui Conference, event organizers say they didn't know what to expect. But they tell us it exceeded their expectations.Tthey plan on making this a yearly event.

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