Local construction company helps out the community

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A local version of extreme makeover played out on Oahu.

No producers were involved, only generous members of the community.

At a blessing Sunday, everyone involved came out to celebrate the new and improved home.

We've been asked to keep its location and the person who lives there secret out of respect for her privacy.

Here's a before picture of the home, two years ago.

It was in such bad shape, it was on the verge of foreclosure.

But a local construction company volunteered to re-build and save the home for free.

"It makes us feel that we accomplished something, that we did something for the community and overall it made us feel good", said Fooney Freestone, Nan, Inc. President.

The construction company, Nan Inc., got the call for help from a master's student at UH Manoa's School of Social Work.

His client is the homeowner.

Repairs cost more than $130,000 - all funded through donations.