Rescued animals preparing for adoption

Stephanie Ryan
Stephanie Ryan

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - They've had a "ruff" start, but now, nearly 400 neglected pets rescued from a Nanakuli home may be the perfect animal for your family.

Rescue workers and volunteers are working around the clock, spaying, neutering and nursing hundreds of animals so they can find a good home.

Officials call this one of the biggest animal rescue operations in Oahu history. Right now, they're being primped and prepared socially, for a second chance at a good life.

"Welcome to Extreme Makeover, Animal Edition! Come with me!" said Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Co-Founder Stephanie Ryan.

Our canine candidate: Cinnamon.

"Ready to become a beauty?" asked Ryan.

First step in the road to adoption, appearance.

"Wet her down and soap her up. It's hard to tell how many baths these guys have had," said Ryan.

Cinnamon's going to have a coat to gloat.

"She's going to look fabulous!" said Ryan.

She might, but our camera - not so much. There's a sacred bond between a "shampooer" and "shampooee."

"So can you believe paris hilton is dating? Yeah me neither," said KHNL and K-5's Zahid Arab.

"You're not going to believe it Cinnamon, you're going to be a glamour girl!," said Ryan.

We top it off with a pet pedicure.

"We have to rinse thoroughly. Awww you smell good," said Ryan.

This canine complete makeover is going great.

"So is this a shiatsu?" asked Arab.

"No border-collie mix," said Ryan.

"No I mean shiatsu massage," said Arab.

"Oh yeah," said Ryan.

After a quick clean of the ears, it's exercise time.

"We have to get you in tip top shape. Get that body toned up!" Bryan Clay's got nothing on you! Feel the burn!" said Arab.

"All we need is a diamond choker and she's ready for a date," said Ryan.

A date to be adopted by you. There are also bunnies and cats and these pretty studly pups. And what pet doesn't love a glamour shot, all that's missing is a good home.

"You've seen a few of our beautiful faces but I've got a lot more dogs to wash so I'll see you soon," said Ryan.

All of the animals are spay and neutered, have their shots and are also micro-chipped. For information on how to adopt or even foster one of them, click on the link on this page.