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Convicted female murderer to get new trial

Maryann Acker née Bray Maryann Acker née Bray
Hon. Michael Town Hon. Michael Town

By Leland Kim - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A woman convicted of killing two men back in 1978 - one in Hawaii, the other in California - appeared in court Friday morning.

First Circuit Court Judge Michael Town granted Maryann Acker, who now uses her maiden name and goes by Maryann Bray, a new trial in the robbery and murder of Lawrence Hasker, a 20-year-old Moiliili man, in Waikiki. She was convicted of that crime in 1982.

She and William Acker, her husband at the time, were also convicted of robbing and murdering Cesario Arauza in California five days later.

Judge Town ruled evidence about her husband William, who testified against her in the Hawaii case, should have been disclosed initially. The judge asked those involved in the case not to talk to the media, since jury selection is coming up.

"Now if somebody says something to the press, it makes it very hard for me to pick a jury and my job is to get a fair jury," said Judge Town.

"So, Ms. Bray?" he addressed the defendant.

"Yes, your honor," she answered.

"Point taken?" he asked.

"Yes," she said.

"And I mean it. I'm looking at you," he said to Bray. "Please do that because otherwise we're going to go round and round and take a lot of time. All right?"

Despite these instructions, Bray talked to the media and claimed her innocence during recess, when the judge was not in the courtroom.

She is currently serving a life sentence for both murders. A defense motion to dismiss has been taken under advisement. Jury selection for the new trial in the Hawaii case is scheduled to start August 10.

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