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Crowded field vying for open city council seat

Matt Matsunaga Matt Matsunaga
Nathaniel Kinney Nathaniel Kinney
Ann Kobayashi Ann Kobayashi
Wendell Ching Wendell Ching
Phil Lee Phil Lee

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Fourteen candidates faced off Wednesday night to fill Honolulu City Council's District Five Seat. The position was held by City Councilman Duke Bainum, until he died last month of complications from an aortic aneurysm.

They've gone door to door, shaken hands, and maybe even kissed a few babies. But, this was the big event. Candidates had their game faces on, hoping for one last push for public support.

It's behind the scenes as Olelo Community Television teams with the Honolulu Advertiser to tackle the issues with 14 candidates vying for the District Five city council seat. We asked each person to tell us the most pressing issue facing their area. There's a lot of them, so we told them to keep it short to about seven seconds.

"It's about supporting local jobs for local people, it's about supporting local businesses and just coming together in a time of crisis," said Candidate Nathaniel Kinney.

"Clearly working families and small businesses are struggling to survive in this economy and we have to extend them a helping hand," said Candidate Matt Matsunaga.

"The cost of living and how it ties into the economic situation we're experiencing right now," said Candidate Keolu Peralto.

"The rising property taxes and the diminishing quality of life," said Candidate Phil Lee.

"It's preserving the health of our neighborhoods, we are seeing a lot of development pressures coming in," said Candidate Michael Cain.

"Rising taxes and fees and the affordability of housing," said Candidate James Quimby.

"Taking care of our elderly in the home and in the community," said Candidate Gladys Hayes.

"We need to update our infrastructure to allow for sidewalks, wider roads," said Candidate Rocky Rockwell.

"It's money, money to repair what needs to be repaired, money to take care of the elderly, money to fix the roads," said Candidate Earl Winfree.

"The roads, the park facilities, it's aging infrastructure," said Candidate Ann Kobayashi.

"We need to take care of our parks, roads, sewers, people need value," said Candidate Heidi Bornhorst.

"The homeless problem, the homeless problem isn't the city's problem, nor the state's problem, it's every body's problem," said Candidate Wendell Ching.

"Property tax for senior citizens on fixed incomes," said Candidate George Waialeale.

The cameras are set and now showtime. We were unable to get comment from Candidate Butch Sims, but you can hear from him and the rest, as Olelo will re-broadcast the debate until the mail-in election results are announced August 7th.

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