Target opens third Hawaii store in Kona

Kristen Cabreira
Kristen Cabreira
Roger Thomas
Roger Thomas
Mary Parker
Mary Parker

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

KONA, Hawaii (KHNL) - Target has now set its sights on the big island of Hawaii as its first store opened its doors there to hundreds of eager shoppers Wednesday.

Some say it not only gives the Kona economy a much needed boost, it also helps out a few hundred people who hit the bullseye with brand new jobs.

This is Kristen Cabreira's first job in two years. The Hilo native has struggled to find work until now.

"I feel extremely appreciative of Target and giving me a chance, being out of work was hard, especially in these times, I have a two year old and it was hard," she said.

At her last job, she was a cashier, so it's only fitting that she does it here at Target as well.

"I just like the one on one interaction with the guests here, I just like being out there, being able to smile and meet people," she said.

It's the third target in the state. This one provides about 300 jobs to this local economy.

"In spite of the fact that the economy's been down for awhile, every gray cloud does have a silver lining, so for us, it was really a blessing and our team members, since over six weeks ago, started we had training, learning the target philosophy," Target team leader Roger Thomas said.

That philosophy of fast, fun, and friendly is engrained in all of these team member's minds.

And shoppers have noticed.

"I'm so excited, I've been waiting for this to open since they first said they'd come here, I enjoyed shopping at targets on the mainland and I've always loved their prices, quality," Kona resident Mary Parker said. "I think we've got enough population to sustain it here, I'm pleased Target decided to come here."

A feeling also shared with many others, including Cabreira, now that her life is right on target.

The Kona store will celebrate its grand opening this Sunday. A store in Hilo is set to open two years from now.