Volleyball club using success to teach life lessons

Lee Lamb
Lee Lamb
Kiani Tuileta
Kiani Tuileta

By Jason Tang - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Hawaii is known for having some of the most talented athletes in the country, and Ka Ulukoa, a non-profit organization is helping to further that trend in the sport of volleyball.

Recently five of the club's six teams qualified for nationals in their respective age groups, with the boys 13-year old team taking home their second straight national championship.

The girls team wasn't far behind, as they finished runner-up in the 13-year old open division, but the program is about much more than just winning.

"Sports is a way for us to teach life lessons and I think that's the bottom line here, we're using sports to leverage the things the kids do in life as they move forward," said club director Lee Lamb.

"I really want to go to college and play volleyball, so I just need to keep going and love what I do so that I can have confidence in what I do when I play," said participant Kiani Tuileta.

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