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Tadd Fujikawa, the diminutive giant

Tadd Fujikawa Tadd Fujikawa
Donna Otto Donna Otto
Devin Otto Devin Otto

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - When Hawaii golf phenom Tadd Fujikawa recently met three young boys on the practice putting green at the Hawaii Country Club in Salt Lake, he could relate to them. Nine-year-old Devin, and his 6-year-old twin brothers Blake and Carsen were each born prematurely. Like Tadd, all three weighed less than three pounds at birth.

Aside from being small in stature, this foursome shares something else in common.  They're all living proof, and success stories of the non-profit agency, March of Dimes.

"They pretty much saved my life," said Fujikawa. "It's nice for me to give back, I want to do all I can for them."

For the second year in a row, Tadd is lending his name and support to the March of Dimes golf tournament and fundraiser, a way to not only give back, but offer hope.

"He was born at the same weight and the same gestation as Devin," said Donna Otto, mother of three prematurely born boys. "It was inspirational to me because i thought you know, if this little boy can do it mine can too."

After the birth of her three pre-mature sons. Donna and her husband were left with more than a million dollars of medical bills, and just as troubling, a million unanswered questions.

"They're trying to figure out why women like me give birth prematurely," said Otto. "I did everything right, I planned my pregnancy and for unknown reasons, I gave birth prematurely to my first son Devin who was born less than two pounds."

"It's more like their tournament," said Fujikawa. "I'm just trying to help them to promote it and raise some money for a good cause."

But even even before that next dollar is even raised, these kids and many others like them are already cashing in on the awareness Tadd, and the March of Dimes are raising.

"I'm glad I'm alive and I have confidence," said nine-year-old Devin Otto. "I know I can grow up and be anything I want."

"It does make me feel good to give them a little inspiration," said Fujikawa. "I want to show them that if you put your mind to it and you never give up and do your best in everything you do you can accomplish your dreams."

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