Boy who heard mother's screams testifies at father's murder trial

Melchor Adviento
Melchor Adviento
Nalei Sooto
Nalei Sooto

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A boy, who says he heard his mother's cries for help as she was being stabbed to death two years ago, testified at his father's murder trial Monday.

The boy was just 11 years old when his mother was killed. As he was on the witness stand, he kept glancing at his father at the defense table.

Melchor Adviento watches as the youngest of his three children is called to testify. The boy says prior to 2007, his parents seemed happy.

"2007, they didn't like each other as much," the now 13-year-old said. "But they still loved each other."

We are not showing the boy because of his age.

He tells the jury he was 11 years old and was playing video games on the second floor of a multi-unit house on Kahaha Street in Kalihi, when he heard his mother, Erlinda Adviento, 44, screaming downstairs.

"She yelled, ah, ah, help me...come, come downstairs, call 911," the boy said.

He says he went to his mother's bedroom window and asked if she was ok, but only got a response from his father.

"What is it that your dad said?" Douglas Chin, first deputy prosecutor, asked.

"No, everything's fine," the boy responded. "But at the end of what he said, it didn't quite sound very good."

The first police officer to arrive at the scene says he found the defendant covered in blood.

"I was trying to, you know, put my gloves on," Officer Nalei Sooto, Honolulu Police Department, said. "Then while I was trying to do so, I then asked him what happened."

"What, if anything, did he say?" Chin asked.

"He just stated, oh, I killed my wife," Sooto responded. "And I was like, whoa."

The defense says Melchor Adviento simply reacted when his wife came after him with two knives and stabbed him in the abdomen.

The boy who testified is now 13 years old, and is being raised by his older brother.

The trial continues Tuesday.