Patience for Waianae roadwork sprung a leak

Fran Mawae
Fran Mawae

By Duane Shimogawa bio | email

WAIANAE (KHNL) - A relaxing Sunday drive is anything but for Leeward Oahu residents. Now some worry a water main break won't be fixed in time before Monday's morning rush hour.

Patience for Waianae roadwork sprung a leak after a water main erupted overnight.

West Oahu drivers already have to deal with worsening traffic because of a current construction project.

Yet another job has tied up traffic even more.

A 24-inch water main broke late Saturday night. As crews continue to work on it, a portion of Farrington Highway remains closed. But although police have re-routed traffic, it's still causing more headaches in an already painful area to drive.

Traffic in Leeward Oahu is already at a standstill. The Board of Water Supply continues to work on a crucial water main that supplies more than half of the water to all residents on this side of the island.

But late Saturday night, a pipe burst on Farrington Highway between Lualualei Naval Road and Nanaikeola Street. Police closed off the area as crews worked on replacing the pipe.

Two alternate routes have been set up, one alongside the beach on Farrington Highway and another one through the Nanakuli Sack N Save parking lot to Lualualei Naval Road.

But traffic still inches along and some residents just can't take it anymore.

"And now with this happening and they're diverting traffic and re-routing it, this way and going on the beach now, probably gonna have to leave like three to four oh clock in the morning just to get to work on time at seven," Leeward Oahu resident Fran Mawae said.

Mawae works in town and has experienced the traffic woes firsthand.

"It's like all the way down, and there's one way in and one way out, if there's an emergency, it's terrible," she said.

But she also understands living out in the country does have its disadvantages.

"If you choose to live down on this side, you need to expect the traffic, no matter what, going in and out," she said.

At this time, no homes are without water, but the Board of Water Supply is urging all Leeward Coast residents from Honokai Hale to Makaha to use water sparingly and for priority needs only. Water should be used for cooking, drinking, and personal hygiene only.

Repair work will continue into the evening and crews hope to have the road re-opened in time for the morning rush hour.