ACT COPY-TheBoat no mo' Float

TheBoat made its last trip between downtown and Kalaeloa on June 20 with little fanfare and fewer riders.  An average of just 29 people daily used the floating public transportation device, a stunningly small number.  And the trip even included a free transfer on TheBus.  While people complain about traffic, they do like to be in control of their time and their lives.  Maybe somewhere down the road, this water taxi will be able to make ends meet, but not today.

A big questions to ask as we gear up for rapid transit is whether or not people will let someone else take control of their daily commute.  Ever taken a bus to and from a UH football game or work?  Sure, there's traffic, but you can relax, read, sleep, play with your cell phone, and/or chat with others while someone else inches along for you.  And that's not a bad thing in our harried lives.  Maybe the ability to sit back and relax coming to and from work, while saving you wear and tear on your car and your wallet, will cause more people to use the anticipated transit than some naysayers think.

Giving up some commute time yet gaining some piece of mind and some real savings might be a big enough reason for people to consider the upcoming rail transit, TheBus, or carpooling as something worth considering.  Changing your habits is not a concept that is often welcome in Hawaii or elsewhere, but we are in uncharted waters in many areas nowadays, and transportation issues are just one part of our collective mindset that might require some personal adjustments.  Think about it...