Victorino needs the fans vote

Mike Victorino
Mike Victorino

HONOLULU (KHNL) - He's a gold glove center fielder, a World Series champion, and Shane Victorino is hoping he can add All-Star to his list too.

"It would be a tremendous honor, I mean he would be super super stoked. I think it's been a long time since we've had anyone in the All Star game, I think the last time and maybe the only time was Sid Fernandez," said Shane's father Mike.

Being named an All-Star along side Fernandez is something Shane truly wants, and he's proving it too. among other things, he went door to door in Philadelphia to rally the fans.

"I don't know if he can do much more to be perfectly honest, now it's just up to people, it's like when I run for office. If people think I deserve the office they'll vote for me, if they don't or if they feel differently then won't. So it's really in people's hands now," said the elder Victorino.

With endorsements from elected officials in both Hawaii and Pennsylvania, not to mention the backing of UFC President Dana White, it's coming down to the wire for the Flyin' Hawaiian.

"My hope is tonight people will get on the computer and spend the next 20 hours just keep on voting so he can be the All Star representative from Hawaii," said Shane's dad.

But whether or not Shane is voted in, it's not his accolades on the field that his family admires most.

"We're very proud of what Shane does off the field also, I think that's been his biggest Forte. I mean, we've always said when you receive, you've got to give back."