Fired up for the 4th

Sherry Souza
Sherry Souza

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

ALA MOANA (KHNL) - While most island families spend their 3rd of July thinking about what to pack in their coolers, the team of professionals from PyroSpectaculars was busy packing more than 15 hundreds aireal effects into one of three staging areas on Magic Island.

The culimantion of months of planning, for 18 magical minutes.

"It's not a show, it's an event" said Sherry Souza of PyroSpectaculars. "It's not just fireworks going up in the sky with a little bit of msic behind it, we create scenes, we create emotion, it's 4th of July, you got to have it."

For the 18th consecutive year, Ala Moana Center is stepping up and footing the bill for Hawaii's largest and best fireworks shows.

And don't just take their word for it. A leading publication jkust yesterday labeled it as one of the 10 best fireworks displays in the country.

"To get validation from Travel & Leisure Magazine about being one of the top ten destinations to watch the fireworks and being one of the best shows was a great honor" said Ala Moana Center Director of Marketing and Promotions Jasmine Tso.

And despite an economy that is far less than explosive, Tso says Ala Moana's management and merchants were unanimous in wanting to keep the tradition alive.

"We're committed to the community" said Tso. "We're committed to the businesses that surround us that count on this fireworks show, so there was no question we were going to do this, this year."

From rainbows and happy faces and so much more, this years show features new special effects perfectly times to go off with the selected music. But until the button is pushed, and that first shell fires into the night sky, the heat is on.

"The pressure is unbelievable" said Souza.  "But when that first shell goes into the sky then it's all over, and it's woo-hoo. Let the fun begin."