'Home of the Brave' Quilt Project

Dawn Kucera
Dawn Kucera

By Duncan Armstrong

PEARL HARBOR (KHNL) - While some celebrate independence day with fireworks, other take time to honor our military heroes - through parades, plaques and memorials.

The quilt project started during the Civil War.

"The X pattern..It dates back to the American Civil War so we have a military history to the quilts we make" said Dawn Kucera, Hawaii State Coordinator.

"Being the 4th of July we are going to do our normal thing."

For Dawn, that normal thing is sewing to make quilts for Hawaii's fallen heroes not just on the fourth of July but on every holiday.

That labor of love takes about five hours to complete.

"This is a quilt for a young girl named Cwislyn Walter."

Walter, a Farrington graduate was fatally wounded in a non-combat death February in Kuwait.

Dawn hopes to complete this quilt by the fall and give to the family.

Some of squares on the quilts can be signed with a message to the family of the fallen heroes... that's exactly what nine-year-old Alyssa wanted to do... leave a gift from the heart.

"So they will be happy and they will think that their family person that from their family that died was still there" said Alyssa Tabadine.

10 year veteran of the armed forces Billy Conard has seen combat in both Afganistan and Iraq.

"I've seen the sacrifices that a lot of men have made and I've seen the injuries..I've seen young men get killed...I know the families hurt" said Conrad.

The Hawaii chapter of "Home of the Brave" Quilt Project has made over 40 quilts that have been presented to Hawaii families of the fallen heroes.

In all, nearly 3,000 quilts have been delivered to over 2,600 families across the country.