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People sacrifice sleep to get prime spot

Jed Vicente Jed Vicente
Jay Laeno Jay Laeno
Jasmine Tso Jasmine Tso

By Duane Shimogawa bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Along with the annual tradition of fireworks, so to is getting that perfect spot for partying and watching the nighttime show.

That meant many were up very early to save a spot at Ala Moana Beach Park after the city opened it overnight.

Like many others families, the Laeno family had to sacrifice sleeping in to get that prime spot.

Thousands invade Ala Moana Beach Park on this Fourth of July holiday.

The Laeno family reserved this prime spot at around eight Saturday morning.

"I thought it was good here, can see the fireworks, we can hear the music from the concert, the mall's right there," Kalihi resident Jed Vicente said.

As the rest of the family looked for parking at the mall, Jay jumped out and claimed this shady area.

Jed had a different plan.

"I stayed over from eight oh clock last night with my friends and i met up with my family this (Saturday) morning," Laeno said.

As the two watched their little cousin, the rest of the family went shopping for holiday supplies.

"Since we're close to the mall, lots of like shopping to get all those stuff we need," Laeno said.

The Laeno family executed their plans to perfection. now all that's left is to enjoy the rest of their holiday.

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