Campers secure early spots for fireworks show

Jonathan Calprito
Jonathan Calprito
Devie Nakahara
Devie Nakahara
Sonny Glisson
Sonny Glisson
Lorene Glisson
Lorene Glisson
Justin Madriaga
Justin Madriaga

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL)- With just one day away from Independence Day, but Fourth of July festivities are already in full swing. Families arrived as early as 3 am Friday morning, to get a good spot, for Saturday's big show.

Drawing nearly 50,000 annually the Ala Moana Fire Works Show is acclaimed as one of the top ten in the country. For those of you unfamiliar with the tradition, we've enlisted someone to show you the ropes.

"Hey what's this? Hey bus driver open the door!," said Camper Jonathan Calprito.

Jonathan Calprito is a Fourth of July connoisseur.

"An ambassador for lazy people, sit around eat and enjoy," said Calprito.

"You have to come here and get your spot early before everyone else does," said Camper Devie Nakahara.

For some, bringing the comforts of home is a must.

"Got to bring the kitchen sink too and ps3," said Camper Justin Madriaga.

But the Glissons keep it simple.

"Cards, the beach, surf, cant get any better than that," said Camper Sonny Glisson.

Camping is not time for technology but togetherness.

"When they grow up, they'll look back and say what did you do for the fourth of july? They'll say I spent it with my family," said Camper Lorene Glisson.

And of course, what would be Independence Day without impressions from Uncle Jonathan.

"What is this one? Hey sonny pass me the toilet paper? Hey buddy this seat is taken!" said Calprito.

People come from all around.

"Last year I met people from Australia, I just met some people from Japan," said Calprito.

Most are friendly, some are camera shy.

"Aunty, why are you hiding behind the tree? Your hair looks nice!," said Calprito.

And what would be a local celebration without good cooking.

"What do you eat on the Fourth of July?," said Calprito.

"Teriyaki, chicken, short ribs, and hot dogs," said a camper.

Once you've secured your spot and found parking, it's a matter of mingling.

"I'm not ashamed to make friends," said Calprito.

The suspense builds with just one day away from the big spectacle in the sky.

"I can't wait till tomorrow," said Calprito.

It's important to note that parking will not be allowed overnight. All vehicles must leave the park by 10pm Friday and aren't allowed back until 4am Saturday morning. Police will be on patrol 24-7 until the big show starts July 4th at 8:30pm.