Ala Moana Center fireworks show helps surrounding businesses

Ken Kessler
Ken Kessler
Les Enderton
Les Enderton
Liana Mulleitener
Liana Mulleitener

By Roger Mari bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - More than 50 thousand people are expected to come out and watch one of the top fireworks shows in the country. It's a great time for local residents, visitors and especially surrounding businesses.

Magic Island on Oahu's south shore will be the site where more than a ton of digital pyrotechnics will be on display this Saturday.

"Travel and leisure magazine calls it the best fireworks display, best 4th of July fireworks," said Les Enderton of the Oahu Visitors Bureau.

It's a time businesses near Ala Moana and Waikiki, look forward to for sky-rocketing sales. Some restaurants, along with resorts and cruise ships will benefit from the nations 223rd birthday

"It's a really good night for us. People love to go out, they love to see it and so we tend to fill up the boat every 4th of July," said Ken Kessler of Atlantis Cruises.

Even during this fizzling economy, the Hawaii Prince Hotel is able to rise above it all thanks in part to this annual event. Local residents occupy most of the rooms at this resort.

"The year before, the day after July 4th, we sell out of all of our 2 bedroom suites, because they have an extensive view." said Liana Mulleitener of Hawaii Prince Hotel.

Kamaaina and mainland residents aren't the only one's celebrating this great American holiday Hawaiian style.

"Our Japanese market loves 4th of July at Ala Moana. They love the fireworks and the sales and all the activities that occur with it," said Les Enderton.

"It's a boom for Ala Moana it's a boom for all the little businesses around them too, including Waikiki,"

said Ken Kessler.

For 18 years, Ala Moana Center has used Independence Day to make Oahu an island of opportunity for local businesses.

And with this recession, many island businesses have high hopes for this 4th of July.

While 4th of July is only one day, many businesses in the Ala Moana and Waikiki area will be offering sales, discounts and other special incentives throughout the entire weekend.