Rolling The Dice

It's going to sound a bit like a desperate solution based on desperate times, but it's really not.  The call has been put out there many times before.  Now may just be the right time to look at some form of controlled gambling in Hawaii.  By controlled I mean either shipboard gambling or one hotel casino site, perhaps a semi-isolated location such as Turtle Bay, with a fie-year moratorium on any possible future gambling to make sure that this thing is done right.

Shipboard gambling is, of course, offshore, and should really appeal to visitors who want a different statewide experience as well as the gambling option.  I just don't see a groundswell of locals who will decided to go cruising, but either way, nothing on land will be impacted.  Option B again would be one site, one hotel, one location for a five-year trial run.

I am well aware of some of the potential pitfalls of gambling.  I am also aware that many spots do just fine, and since these local options would have some controls built in, we should all be able to see if this holds promise down the road.  And we do need to look down the road, since the allure of Hawaii is not a new phenomenon or an easy sell to many residents in those major markets where we pitch our paradise year in, year out.  Maybe it's time to roll the dice, carefully.  Think about it...