Police looking for suspect who attempted to sexually assault a boy

Frank Fernandes
Frank Fernandes

By Leland Kim - bio | email

KAIMUKI (KHNL) -  Honolulu police needs your help in catching a man who allegedly tried to sexually assault a middle school boy.  It happened Tuesday in broad daylight while summer school was in session.

The victim is 12-years-old, a seventh grade boy at Kaimuki Middle School.   Police say he went to use the restroom at 10:45 am when he was sexually assaulted.

About 850 students attend Kaimuki Middle School during the school year, but only 250 are taking summer school.  One of those students got attacked in a bathroom on campus.

"I'm a veteran principal and we've never had an incident that even comes close to matching up with what took place yesterday," said Frank Fernandes, Kaimuki Middle School's principal.

It happened in a bathroom in Building J.  The suspect grabbed the victim in one of the stalls.  The boy yelled for help and was able to escape.

Honolulu police describe the suspect as an African American man in his 20's, about five feet, six inches tall, with a medium build.  He was wearing a black jacket, blue denim long pants, and dark sunglasses.

The principal had a meeting with his staff after the incident happened and hired another security guard.

"We also had our summer school director actually attend every single class that kids were in, to reiterate some of the guidelines for the kids to follow and to reassure them that school is safe and they continually need to feel that it's okay for them to be here," said Fernandes.

They're also asking kids to help keep the campus safe.

"The major thing I think is to join with us and being continually vigilant, which means for example, reporting any strange behavior or strangers who are on campus," said Fernandes.

The school also changed its bathroom policy, asking kids to use the buddy system when using the bathroom, so that they never go alone.

This is the first time an incident like this has happened on campus, and school officials hope, the last.

"So again it's a heightened consciousness and awareness on the part of all of us at school to keep the kids as safe as possible," said Fernandes.

They have no other information on the suspect, which direction he was headed or whether he got away on foot or in a car.   If you have any information about this case, please contact Crimestoppers at (808) 955-8300.