Transportation costs increase

James Karratti
James Karratti
Bill Green
Bill Green
Regina Mustapha
Regina Mustapha

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Get ready to pay more to get around town.

In just two days, driving a car or hopping on TheBus will cost you more.

It's what lawmakers decided to go to bring in more revenue.

With the price of gas increasing, James Karratti has changed his habits.

"Not drive as often. Get everything before I go shopping," he said.

Many others could soon do the same. That's because the ethanol gas tax break for Hawaii drivers is expiring. That means on Wednesday, you'll shell out even more for gas.

"There's no alternative because this is a GE tax, general excise tax, and it's based on what you sell the gas for. So it's basically gonna be about 10 cents a gallon," said Bill Green with Kahala Shell.

Depending on the size of your tank, that comes out to a total of $1.50-$2 more, whenever you fill up.

And you might feel even more pain at the pump.

There's another bill sitting on Gov. Linda Lingle's desk that would raise the tax, for a barrel of crude.

"From 5 cents to $1.05 a gallon, so that's gonna be a minimum of 2 cents, if it becomes law," said Green.

That has people like James, thinking about making another change.

"I'll catch the bus maybe," he said.

But that alternative will also cost you more. An extra quarter for a one-way fare and an extra $10 for a monthly pass.

"I think it's terrible. Because we can't afford the bus fare going up because a lot of people live on fixed income," said Regina Mustapha, bus rider.

So get ready to dish out more to get around town, or be like James, and form new habits.

"Maybe I'll get a bicycle," he said.