Soldier in Afghanistan sees wife give birth on the other side of the world

Crystal Fraley
Crystal Fraley
Eric Fraley
Eric Fraley

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

PUNAHOU (KHNL) - A military wife gave birth with her husband by her side, even though he's 13,000 miles away fighting the war on terrorism.

Thanks to advanced technology, even the war can't keep Marine Sergeant Eric Fraley from missing out on the day the world welcomed the couple's little miracle.

"Hi Caydence, I love you. I know you can't understand me, but I'll be home soon," Sgt. Fraley told his newborn baby via satellite on Monday.

It was his second time seeing his two favorite girls via video conference call. His wife Crystal, and baby Caydence are resting at Kapiolani Medical Center.

Sgt. Fraley is stationed in Afghanistan. He was by Crystal's bedside Sunday, via video conference, coaching her during labor.

Although, according to Crystal, her husband wasn't much of a coach.

"The poor guy, he just got done with work and he had been flying all day so he was hot and miserable and tired and a couple times I think he actually fell asleep on the screen. But having him there was an amazing thing," she said.

Crystal was in labor for more than 20 hours. Her husband was there for the last eight hours or so of it.

Little Caydence will get to see her dad in person soon. He's almost done with his seven-month deployment, and should be home sometime next month.

Kapiolani Medical Center hooked up the satellite call through DRS Technologies, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), and the Freedom Calls Foundation.

It's part of a pilot program that offers the service to military families for free.