Local company honors MJ with special T-shirts


By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MAPUNAPUNA (KHNL) - One local business is honoring Michael Jackson, by making special T-shirts.

But the owner tells us they're not making a profit.

72 shirts were given away at Thursday night's candlelight vigil held at Magic Island. Because of the high demand, they made 250 more of the shirts Friday.

They'll be sold for $5 at Buti Groove on Kapiolani Boulevard. Owner BJ Sabate says they came up with the design is just a half-hour.

He also tells us some have said they're just taking advantage of a tragic situation to make quick buck. But he says they're actually taking a loss from making the shirts.

"I don't really take it personally you know, I'm a big fan and what I was doing was just in my business, in my line of work, is what we do, is T-shirts," he said.

Sabate says he wouldn't be surprised if the shirts sellout by closing, Friday night. They plan on re-doing the logo. They say it'll include more details, given that they'll have more than a half hour to do it this time around.