LaBoy's looking to finish his degree

Travis LaBoy
Travis LaBoy

By Jason Tang - bio | email

Manoa (KHNL) - Travis LaBoy is one of the toughest players in the National Football League. But after playing hurt all of last year, he recently had to undergo surgery to fix an injured left ankle.

"Kind of had to fight through it all year, one of those situations where after the season I had to get it fixed, and that's where I'm at now, just have a long rehab process," said LaBoy, who is back in the Islands for some rest and relaxation.

His rehab will keep him out of the upcoming year, but LaBoy has plans during his down time.

"I'll be out this season, probably try get a little school done, a little school work. We'll find out what I got left, hopefully it's not too much, but I got a feeling it's quite a bit so you might see a lot of me down here so don't make fun of me too much, I'm trying to get my work done," said LaBoy

Not finishing his degree is one of LaBoy's biggest regrets during his time in Manoa, and even though he's financially stable, he can't picture himself just sitting around without a challenge in front of him.

"A lot of jobs you have to have a minimal degree from college and I don't have that so even I wanted to start working in a regular 9am-5pm I wouldn't be able to," said LaBoy.

As for what he pictures himself doing when his football career is over, if it pans out, you'll be seeing LaBoy around a lot more.

"I'd love to come back to Hawaii and coach, not necessarily head coach, but you don't even gotta pay me, just let me be on the sideline and help these kids out, I don't really have any love feelings for any other colleges, so I'd definitely love to come back God willing you know?"