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June 22, 2009

Kim Gee

An old truism in child-rearing says don't threaten your child with a punishment unless you plan to follow through.  No follow through, no repercussion for unacceptable deeds, no lesson learned.  Taking this concept to the political realities of 2009, we have a country, North Korea, which seems to be threatened with sanctions and such time and time again by the international community.  It's hard to cut off a country which pretty much seems to exist in its own world by cutting itself off, but the stakes just got a wee bit higher as reports indicate that North Korea just may be preparing to fire a missile in our direction sometime early next month.

While little can be said by military officials in this country, you can be sure that our wary eyes on this habitual defier just got a little bit more focused.  The Japanese newspaper that reported the story said that the missile would not be able to reach our islands, but the mere fact that this report might have some credence certainly means that everyone- from China to Russia to Japan to the U.S.- has to do a better job of ensuring that this xenophobic nation does not become more than just a mysterious nuisance.

Relationships with North Korea, strained at best for many, many years, have now taken a greater urgency with reports of inevitable nuclear capabilities and missiles capable of reaching further destinations- perhaps even the West Coast of this country in a few years.  This is not a simple game with a simple answer, but the international community must do a better job in difficult times to help ensure that we all fee a bit safer.  Think about it...

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