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Exclusive: Rural community learns life-saving skills

Dr. Victoria Wolfgramm Dr. Victoria Wolfgramm
Christine Williams Christine Williams
Dave Heck Dave Heck
Lori Cannon Lori Cannon

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HANA (KHNL) - It's an important event that teaches life-saving skills to people in the rural town of Hana.

Hawaii Air Ambulance/Hawaii Life Flight partnered with the Hana Health Clinic to help residents learn the basics of CPR.

To Hana's 2,000 residents, it's sometimes hard to get the care they need, especially during an emergency.

With Hana Health Clinic short-staffed and the nearest major hospital two hours away, it's no wonder why organizers stressed the importance of this event.

"The people here will be seen as leaders in an emergency situation or an accident situation and that they need to have the confidence to go in and be able to see a child and say I know what to do," Hana Health Clinic's Dr. Victoria Wolfgramm said.

Christine Williams hopes this class will help her in case an emergency arises at home.

"She's choked before when she's started eating and not knowing anything, I reached my finger in there and grabbed it out, it worked, but was scary," Williams said.

Her husband is a firefighter and is gone for three days at a time. So, she's often alone with their daughter, Callie.

"It's very important because we are way out here in Hana, but if something went wrong, need to take care of it myself," she said.

But when the emergency requires more care, Hawaii Air Ambulance/Hawaii Life Flight is there.

"If you could imagine just getting a heart attack or being in an accident, severe trauma out here in Hana, you face a two hour ambulance ride, through the curves and twists of the Hana Highway or a 10 minute flight with us," Hawaii Air Ambulance lead pilot Dave Heck said.

That flight, combined with Saturday's CPR class may help save a life one day.

"This is important to them, there in a rural area, they're very limited on what they have, not only for themselves but for their family members where they can take this bit of information home and take it back to their ohana," Hawaii Life Flight nurse Lori Cannon said.

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