Fireworks show still short money

Brook Gramann
Brook Gramann
Scott Carvill
Scott Carvill
KC Udagawa
KC Udagawa

By Zahid Arab bio | email

KAILUA (KHNL)- Financial concerns threaten to ruin their July fourth blast, but it also helped spark a grassroots community effort for the Kailua Fireworks Show. In order for the show to go on, more than $40,000 needs to be raised. Residents are still short in their fireworks funding, but they're still shooting for the sky.

This is what happens when a community comes together. Children, councilman and of course checks for one important cause. Six months ago, The Kailua Chamber of Commerce elected not to participate in the annual display. That put the burden of planning the event all on one person, who says it's too much. A citizens group then came forward.

We followed the "Save Kailua Fireworks" group as they asked citizens for support last week. Since then, sponsors like Castle Medical Center have stepped up to the plate.

"They saw your report, the next day they came forward with a $6,000 donation. Every day, I get on the computer there are donations, people passing me money while I'm walking down the street," said Kailua Resident Brook Gramann.

Online and around the community, about $30,000 is raised so far.

"The private sponsors and businesses have stepped up huge," said Kailua Resident Scott Carvill.

$15,000 came from realtor KC Udagawa, he's never even seen the show before, but knows of its importance.

"I just wanted to make sure it happens," said Donor KC Udagawa.

The plans and permits are in place, now it's the people that need to provide the spark for this show to happen. $10,000 will do the trick.

"it seems like the momentums building and we're so close," said Carvill.

"I'm going to video tape it, I'm going to drag my kids there, it'll just be amazing when it starts," said Gramann.

If donations exceed expectations, the groups says they'll make this year's show even better, and if they do really well, they'll use the funds for next year.

If you'd like to help, you can find a link on our website