WIn-Win For Schools & Kids

There's a great program out there now that can help you raise funds for your public school. No, it's not chili or candy or laulau or cookies or a car wash or kids trolling with nets, it's part of an independent program called Learning  Point Rewards, and it give a percentage of sales to the school of your choice when you simply shop at many of your favorite local stores, from restaurants to supermarkets to retail shops, and swipe your Learning Point Rewards card.  The program is already working in Idaho and Utah.

Students also near points with each purchase made that will ultimately allow them to shop for goodies online as the rewards card is used by family and friends.  Again, it's pretty simple.  If you shop, talk to your merchant about getting involved- it helps him or her spur neighborhood business, it helps your child, and it helps your public school.  Most Oahu schools have signed up for this program, some have already distributed the cards for kids to take home, with more to be distributed when school starts up again in late July.

Whether its technology equipment or sports equipment, early advocates suggested this is a great way for schools to fill the funding gap, according to a Honolulu Star-Bulletin article last week.  It sure sounds like the ultimate win-win, and there are no carbs, sugars, or calories necessarily involved in this fundraiser.  Check it out at, and think about it...