Kona woman describes vog troubles

Natasha Katouzian
Natasha Katouzian

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

KONA (KHNL) - A Kona resident says the nuisance of vog, is nothing compared to where she used to live.

Natasha Katouzian has lived in Kona for seven years. She says when she first moved here, she really didn't know about the vog and its harsh consequences.

"I moved for the better air and better environment, but still I love it, I love the ocean, I love the neighborhood, I love the community, except the heavy vog," she said. "When it gets into me, I can't breathe."

Katouzian uses her asthma medicine throughout the day when the vog gets really thick outside.

"I try to stay inside and stay calm, relax and close the door, let the A/C go on, 'til I get better then I move," she said.

To Kona residents, a clear day like gives them much needed relief.

Katouzian says the vog is nothing compared to the heavy pollution and smog in San Diego. She also tells us she considered moving away from Kona and its vog problem. But in the end, she'd rather take preventative measures than leave the place she has grown to love. Even if it means not going out of her home for a few days.

"Either move back to wherever you want or stay and just prevent it and that's all you can do," she said.

It's a feeling felt by many in Kona.