Father's Day Facials? You Bet

Travis Kono
Travis Kono

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

KAHALA (KHNL) - This Sunday is Father's Day. And, if you're looking for something a little different for dad, how about something usually reserved for mom.

That's right. Now proud papa's can be pampered, without compromising their manliness.

There's little question the spa business is a female driven market. But that's not to say men don't want to be pampered. Men just don't want to be seen getting

pampered.But now there's a place where men can go, without having to hide your face.

Of the 10 private spa suites at he Kahala Hotel and Resort, one is designed specifically for men. A "guys only" haven that offers everything the real man wants.

From beers on ice and cigars, to sports magazines and ESPN on the big screen.

"We created a room that we call the gentelmen's suite" said Spa Director Travis Kono. "It allows them to still feel like a man but get the benefits that the spa has

to offer."

Some days I love my job more than others.And I'll admit it. This work day rocked. The idea behind the "man spa" is simple. To create a private oasis outside the

traditional salon setting. Now I understand why the wives and the girlfriends say ya, go ahead hang out with the guys because this is what they're doing.

I got to tell you something, the girls are on to something.

"We respect everyone's privacy here certainly the gentlemen or the shy gentlemen who wants that spa experience but a little apprehensive about coming to a spa" said Kono.

"This is a perfect place to do it, we sneak you in and we sneak you out."

The spa even offers a menu designed specifically for men, who otherwise would'nt know what to ask for.  not be sure what to ask for. Kono says men actually make up 30 to

40 percent of the spa's facial business.  He also says the man spa is the perfect place to hang for a private meeting, party or before a wedding.

Or in this case, for a new story. And in the name of full disclosure, I got the full the full treatment from head to toe. Manicure, pedicure and facial. And i'm man enough to admit it. It was awesome. As I said,

the women are on the something here!