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Teens use big surf to help sales

Tyler Poole Tyler Poole
Mark Bauman Mark Bauman
Jennifer Blum Jennifer Blum

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - There's no doubt the huge swells have attracted visitors and locals to Oahu's southern shores the last few days. Some local teens have taken notice, hoping to cash in while the surf's up.

Waikiki Beach is the setting for sun, but most recently, the sight of 10-to-12 foot faces thanks to a southern swell.

"Diamond Head shaved ice. Did you want to try a sample?," said shave ice seller Micah Nakagawa.

On a busy Waikiki corner, opportunity knocks.

"Did you guys want to try a sample?," said Nakagawa.

And some young teens are answering.  Call Micah Nakagawa and Tyler Poole, opportunistic entrepreneurs

"We just opened last week," said Nakagawa.

These shaved ice slingers are selling fast by the hour.

"We can easily make 50-shaved ice," said shave ice seller Tyler Poole.

They can thank the surf.

"It's helped a lot, there's a lot more crowd, especially the last few days," said Nakagawa.

"It's brought us more customers, people want to come out and see the waves," said Poole.

"It's a great location, it's hot out here in the 90's and you've got shaved ice right on the beach, you can't beat that," said Waikiki Resident Mark Bauman.

"It's sweet, it's cool, and it's such a hot day," said California Visitor Jennifer Blum.

There's the ice formation and the flavors, but these sellers remain focused.

"Bring in the most profit possible," said Poole.

By using the big surf and their sweet location as a spring-board, the teens hope to cool taste buds all summer long.

The Honolulu Zoo owns the permit for Diamond Head Shaved Ice. It opened last week and serves shaved ice until 3:30pm everyday.

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