Emeril Lagasse on Oahu

Emeril Lagasse
Emeril Lagasse

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The Kahala Hotel and Resort "kicked it up a notch" Friday night with the tastes of world-renowned Chef Emeril Lagasse. About a hundred were oceanside for the big event.

Fantastic music, fine drinks and the infusion of flavors, it's the "Essence of Emeril."

"Very bold. My approach is very classic, fresh from scratch," said Chef Emeril Lagasse.

At the Kahala Food and Wine Classic, Lagasse combines his cajun roots with inspiration from our islands.

"I learned how to make poke about 25 years ago from my friend Sam Choy, so now I have my own little twist on it. I see what's fresh, see what's local, and then we'll create the menu from there," said Lagasse.

The menu features succulent dishes like smoked salmon to sausage stuffed quail, including pupus like cajun style shrimp.

"Try one," said Lagasse.

"You definitely kicked it up a notch there," said KHNL/K5's Zahid Arab.

There's also specially seasoned potatoes and to wash it down, a cool cucumber shooter. Lagasse tantalizes taste buds around the world, from average people to "A-list celebrities."

"They put pants on like you and I do, so they like good food like you and I like good food," said Lagasse.

His catch phrases will lure you, but it's Lagasse's talent and love for fine foods that will keep crowds coming back for more.