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South swell attracts business

Alexis Rudisill Alexis Rudisill
Hans Hedemann Hans Hedemann
Danny Sparrell Danny Sparrell

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- Another swell day in Hawaiian waters.

A south swell continues to hit Oahu, attracting surfers and beginners.

That's great news for certain businesses.

Three times a day, everyday, it's surfing 101 at the Hans Hedemann Surf School in Waikiki.

"Well I've never surfed before, and this is the only free day I have in Honolulu so I decided to pick today," said Alexis Rudisill, surfing student.

She's not alone. Surf instructors have their hands full with beginners, who see this and feel the urge to hit the beach.

"And I think our classes are double maybe what they would normally be on a small day," said Hedemann.

Hedemann has been operating his business for nearly a decade. He says there are never enough swells on the south shore.

"We definitely noticed an increase in business, people going surfing, people renting surfboards and just kinda getting in the ocean and having fun," said Hedemann.

But safety is also important, especially when the waves are big.

"I'm with professionals, I'm sure they'll take good care of me," said Danny Sparrell, surfing student.

"I feel like I'm in good hands with the surf school," said Rudisill.

This former pro surfer spent 17 years competing on the World Professional Tour. He believes, everyone should learn how to surf, at least once. Hedemann says, only a surfer knows the feeling.

"Just riding on a board in the ocean and you in control on that board and standing up, it's a great feeling," said Hedemann.

The surf classes are two hours long and cost $75 for group lessons.

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