Subway Get Healthy Hawaii

At Subway Hawaii we know it takes more than a good diet to be happy and fit.  It takes a healthy lifestyle.  That's why we have started the 'Get Healthy Hawaii' program.  By making small changes to your daily routine you can do wonders towards helping you live a longer and healthier life.

We want to congratulate contest winners, Caridad Leiva and Leslie Dimaya, as they've successfully incorporated stand up paddle (SUP) boarding into their weekly activities.  Through the guidance of Paddle Core Fitness trainer, Reid Inouye, they've lost weight and have gotten much stronger all while having fun learning a new activity.  Caridad even took it a step further by entering into the Haleiwa Joe's 4.5-mile SUP race and finished an amazing 82 out of 170 in her very first race!

Throughout their 8-week regimen, we checked in with them to see how they were progressing.  It was tough at first but the payoff was great in the end.  Click below to see Caridad's and Leslie's take on their individual experiences.  It's amazing how making a small adjustment to your daily routine can make a big difference in your overall well being.

And remember, working towards a healthier lifestyle can mean different things to different people.  If paddle boarding isn't right for you, here are some additional healthy tips to work towards a healthier lifestyle:

  • Dance the hula - moving for a few minutes a day burns calories and makes you feel younger
  • Take a stroll on the beach - walking on sand requires more energy than walking on a hard surface so you'll burn more calories with each step
  • Start your day at the gym - starting your day at the gym helps increase your mental acuity and focus throughout the day
  • Hit the driving range - hitting a bucket of balls can be a great way to mentally relax and stay active
  • Catch some waves - incorporating surfing into your exercise routine is great cardiovascular exercise
  • Splash around - this form of exercise doesn't feel like exercise at all. Splashing around in the ocean can burn countless calories and help increase your cardiovascular system.

For more healthy tips, go to

Name: Caridad Leiva

Age: 28

Residence: Waianae, Hawaii

Why do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? I have been over weight all my life growing up my family always said don't worry it's just baby fat. I'm 27 now going on 28 this July 8th. This past year I have lost 150 lbs. and I want to change my lifestyle and live healthier by eating healthy (I love Subway) and doing fun things like paddle boarding which was something I could never have thought of doing in the past but now I'm ready to go!

What Do You Hope to Get Out of This Experience?

I would like to strengthen my core muscles, get fit and have fun doing it by learning the new and very popular sport of paddle boarding. I love the water so if I can get fit by do something I love I will continue to live healthy.

Midway Check in: 4 weeks

The lessons are coming along great and I love the class! I learned fast and my balance has improved. I feel a little sore after the two hour classes on Saturdays but I have more energy and I feel stronger.

End of Lessons: 8 weeks

My experience with stand up paddling has been great! I entered the Haleiwa Joe's paddle race and did a better time than I thought I would have.  My goal for the race was just to finish the five miles and have the experience of paddling in the open ocean from Waimea Bay to Haleiwa.  The race was scary at times but it gave me such a adrenalin rush and a sense of accomplishment that I have never felt before. I love stand up paddle boarding so much I plan on continuing. Paddling has got me in shape and given me more energy. The teachers at Paddle Core Fitness are the best and I could have never learned as much and come as far as I have without all of their expert training and encouragement.


Leslie Dimaya

Age: 36

Residence: Honolulu, HI

Why do you want to live a healthier lifestyle?

There's a misconception that a good genetic makeup or a predisposition to being thin automatically classifies you as "healthy". On the contrary, dig a little deeper into someone's lifestyle and you'll see whether it's simply just luck, OR are conscious efforts being made to contribute to their health? For a long time, I thought I could get away with being naturally thin but now, in my mid 30's- I'm finding that a "healthy lifestyle" is more dependent on what I eat, how I spend my time, and what I think.

Being in the healthcare industry, I'm surrounded by the reality of how short and precious life truly is. This has motivated me to live the best life possible by experiencing things that feed my mind, body, and soul. In the past month, I've developed my own regimen for working out physically and mentally which includes cardio, yoga, a balanced diet, and meditation. I feel better than I have in years and would like learn more ways to enhance my routine, share my experiences, and help to motivate others to live their best lives too.

In essence, living a healthy lifestyle enables me to be there for my friends and family when they need me. It allows me to be fully present in my moments filled with true joy and happiness. And it gives me the opportunity to share with others the hope that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

What do you hope to get out of this experience?

I have a deep desire to move out of the "existence" mode that I've been in most of my adult life. Work, home, and sleep get pretty redundant after 36 years so my intention is to start LIVING. By changing habits in nutrition, activity, and spirituality- I know that I'm destined to start coming to life. I think the stand up paddle lessons with its deep connection to the ocean, core training, and guidance through Reid will give me an appreciation for a different type of workout and open my eyes to a brand new experience. And truly, that's what living is all about and that's exactly what I intend on doing!

Midway Check In: 4 weeks

Everything is fabulous with the Paddle Core workouts. There's a lot more to SUP than just strolling along the ocean...I get an intense full body workout every time I attend the sessions. There are a variety of strokes that work different muscles but it always feels like my entire body is engaged. I feel stronger, leaner, and more energetic thanks to the workouts, which by the way - are not easy by any means! We're encouraged to go at our own pace and I've noticed that the more you participate and learn to effectively paddle and use your body - you definitely can get more out of it.

I'm so appreciative of this opportunity to work with Reid and his team especially for someone who's a novice to everything from SUP to just being in the ocean more than once/year- I can attest to this being one of the most positive life changing experiences I've ever had!

End of Lessons: 8 weeks

Three years ago, I moved to Hawaii from the east coast. Going to the beach and being in the ocean was something we only savored in the summer and by no means, does the Atlantic Ocean hold a candle to the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say, I never spent much time in the water even after living in Hawaii for years. But thanks to this SUP experience, I began a transformational process of the mind, body, and soul. In a matter of weeks I started seeing muscle tone and an increase in my strength that I'd never seen before - even with regular gym workouts. I also felt more in touch with nature and its elements. I was calmer, happier, and at peace. There is something immensely powerful and magical about being in the water. In the 8 weeks of SUP, I've become more grounded and realized the importance of being present in my moments. I didn't expect the impact this would have over me but feel eternally grateful and proud to say that it's changed my life. This experience has not only taught me the value of being healthy but the importance of living well too.

Thank you so much for choosing my entry. I can't express enough how much this has affected me. I hope that others will have the same opportunity as Cari and I did!