Phone Hone

You now have about three-weeks on O'ahu to free your hands up, or risk not talking or texting on the phone in the car while driving.  The concept sounds reasonable- make our roads safer.  Of course, reading and eating while driving, while stupid, is still perfectly permissible.  Any hand-held device is banned while operating a moving vehicle, so be very clear on what this means.

It means you can't make a quick call or receive one while stuck in traffic or at a red light.  It means you can make emergency calls- which means 911.  It means you can use a walkie-talkie device, but you will have to prove that's what you were doing to the judge if ticketed.  It means that if you are caught, you will be fined $67, with subsequent fines as high as $500.  It means you will have to get a hands-free device, or figure out how to get from here to there without the use of your invaluable cell phone companion.

It can be done, sports fans... after all, many of today's drivers got around just fine for 30 or 40 years without these wireless appendages, and yet still managed to maintain a lifestyle that included regular communication with work, home, their bookie, and friends.  Yes, it will be an inconvenience at first, but it will make it easier to enjoy your burger and play with your radio or iPod, without straining your neck to hold the phone.  Think about it...