Building Memories for Father's Day

by Atilla Seress

I think that everyone can agree that Father's Day is important. It's the one time a year Dad gets a "thank you" for working hard and taking care of the family. But Dads are usually hard to shop for. After all, how do you make a purchase that says "thank you" and will make a difference in your family's life? In my opinion, the answer is to look for gifts that can be used at home and can help build memories as a family.

At Best Buy, you can find many such items but I wanted to focus on just a few of them that you might not have though of. For starters, every dad should at least get a Father's Day card. I encourage you to start there. Some of the new ones even play music. Be sure to he gets at least four sentences to tell him how much he is appreciated.

As for gifts, if there's a favorite Blu-Ray or DVD movie released that Dad's been wanting to see for some time then it's likely that Best Buy has it. But if Dad's already has everything then I think that there's a really neat thing Blu-Ray that is perfect for every Dad and can be enjoyed as a family.

As you know, I'm a technical person so naturally I've watched the old Star Trek episodes growing up. I've really enjoyed some of the series made since like Voyager and Enterprise because they had a budget to make stunning CG as well as tell a good story. Well, in preparation for the renewed interest in the series from the new movie, Paramount released a digitally remastered version of the original series that not only has amazing picture and sound but computer graphics in place of those cheesy models. It's really amazing to sit down as a family and see the original series anew for the first time. The computer graphics are really excellent quality and brings an updated and relevant feel to the original series that your family is sure to enjoy. (Video Promo available at:


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Another gift dad is sure to enjoy are noise cancellation headphones by Sony. For those of you a little unfamiliar with this technology, they are headphones that significantly soften ambient noise. It's particularly useful in loud environments such as airplanes, libraries and coffee shops. The feat is accomplished by an anti-noise generator built into each headset. It listens to noise from around you and generates the opposite sound inside the headphone. Sony has recently released an earbud version and might make an excellent addition to dad's high tech arsenal.

With the summer on its way there's a good chance that dad will be entertaining people out in the yard. Well, why not give dad a set of outdoor, weatherproof speakers? They're shaped like rocks, sound good and are maintenance free. They're a fun addition to dad's backyard and friends and family alike are sure to enjoy it.

Now if you're looking for the "big daddy" of all Father's Day gifts then have a look at Sony's HD camcorder with GPS. It's the best way to record your special memories with family and friends. In the world of video cameras the top desirable features are: high definition recording, an integrated hard disk, and GPS to tag your videos and pictures on a world map. This camera has all three and with a name like Sony, you can trust that it will take excellent video, has wonderful battery life and a sturdy design that will last for years to come.

I hope that dad feels loved and appreciated this Father's Day and that we've helped you make it just a little bit better.

- Attila Seress