Woman killed after being struck by school bus

Lt. Darren Izumo
Lt. Darren Izumo

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Honolulu Police are still piecing together why a Roberts Hawaii school bus ran over and killed a woman early Monday morning.

According to witnesses, the victim was in a crosswalk, and speed was not a factor. Some feel the woman just wasn't seen by the driver.

Gulick Avenue and School Street is a busy intersection for both cars and people. Early Monday morning, it turned into a deadly combination for an Oahu woman.

"A Roberts Hawaii bus made a left turn onto School Street and struck a pedestrian that was crossing in a crosswalk," said Lt. Darren Izumo, with the Honolulu Police Department's vehicular homicide division.

The 54 year old victim was then dragged along School Street for several feet, and then died under the bus.

The body of the woman stayed the bus until emergency crews were able to lift it off her.

The driver was on her way to pick up nine special needs children, and had been with Roberts Hawaii for two years.

According to the company, she had a clean record on the road.

Following the deadly collision, the driver was tested to see if other factors caused this crash.

"The woman was escorted to a diagnostic place to do alcohol and drug testing. The alcohol test was negative and the drug test is pending," said Wally Zimmerman, a spokesperson for Roberts Hawaii.

Dave Maluyo was just one of many nearby residents who came out after hearing the crash. And he found out this accident hit especially close to home.

"I found out she was my dad's close friend and I was shocked when they told me," said the Kalihi resident.

Maluyo has seen problems in the past at this intersection with drivers and pedestrians. Now police use this fatal accident as a reminder to always exercise caution as you cross the street.

"The crosswalk is not a magic shield. It gives you the right of way - but you have to make sure people see you," said Lt. Izumo.

So while drivers should always pay attention to people in the crosswalk, pedestrians should always make eye contact with drivers as they cross.

And be prepared to stop or get out of the way, if drivers don't see you crossing.