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Clean Energy Day to be held

Henry Jiao Henry Jiao
Kala McInerny Kala McInerny
Peter Rosegg Peter Rosegg

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With gas prices rising and an increased effort to save the environment, more drivers are looking for alternatives. An event in Manoa this weekend, will try to help people who are concerned about both.

Henry Jiao, a distributor for Aloha E-Bikes, shows us the electric bike, which will be featured at the event.

"With this, it's so easy. Faster and longer distance that you can travel in a shorter time. When you get to the place where you work, it's so easy," said Jiao.

It gives you an extra push, without the extra sweat.

"It has an assisted drive so when you are going up hills, and in Hawaii there are a lot of hills, for those older people, it assists on the joints so they don't have to strain as much," said Kala McInerny, consumer.

There's also zero pollution. That's why it's one of the vehicles that will be featured at Clean Energy Day on Saturday. There will be bikes and mopeds that are low-gas vehicles, but high on saving the earth.

"So we really want the whole community to come out and take part because it's really a chance for people to learn about the clean energy initiative and to say their piece about it as well," said Peter Rosegg with the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum.

The forum, which will be at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, is one of the groups organizing the event. It will include exhibits and a panel of speakers.

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