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Kauai pool making a big splash

Tom Tannery Tom Tannery
Dan Britzmann Dan Britzmann
Anya Littlefield Anya Littlefield

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

LIHUE (KHNL) - A year is approaching for one of the state's newest pools. Kauai YMCA officials say so far it's made a big splash for the community.

This state of the art, olympic-sized pool complex is something most on Kauai couldn't imagine seeing.

"It's really a miracle that we're here, I mean it's taken everybody to come together and then everything had to fall into place for us to raise these kinds of funds," Kauai YMCA executive director Tom Tannery said.

And now that it's here, hundreds both old and young take advantage of it almost every day.

"Kauai's got a really high rate of drownings and it's not just visitors, it's locals too, so it's good all around, water safety's great, we live in the middle of the pacific, so this makes perfect sense," Kalaheo resident Dan Britzmann said.

Perfect sense for swimmers on the island who didn't have adequate facilities until now.

"Here, we have all the resources we need and during a swim meet we can warm down at the same time we're about to race and the locker rooms and everything, it's a great place," Kapaa High School swimmer Anya Littlefield said.

Kauai YMCA leaders say more facilities will be added, including an indoor roller hockey rink and an expanded weight room and cardio center.

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