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Playground built out of natural products

Walt Laskey Walt Laskey
Kevin Fisher Kevin Fisher
Natalie Proffit Natalie Proffit
Rose Garcia Rose Garcia

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MOKULEIA (KHNL) - On Wednesday, more than 100 volunteers began building a 29-thousand square foot playground at Camp Erdman on Oahu's North Shore.

But it's not your common type of playground. The new playground is being built with the environment in mind. It's made up of natural elements and recycled materials.

A national kids fitness company helping to build it says in the more than 1,500 playgrounds they've been involved with, this is the first nature-built one.

"I designed the tree house is parts and the ramp and the stairs and I designed the roof with logs and leaves covering it," 6-year-old Rose Garcia said.

Part of the reason that makes this project unique is that kids helped design it.

Hundreds of volunteers have started to bring it to life.

"This is a project where we literally brought out, the common man and woman in the community to just help out," Volunteer Walt Laskey said.

"Basically giving our guys something to look at, an accomplishment to have, this park's gonna be here for a long time, kids are gonna get a lot of use out of it, so it's good for us, gives us a morale boost," Volunteer Sgt. Kevin Fisher said.

A boost for a future architect as well, who tells us why she designed part of the playground the way she did.

"Because like when it rains, you can't really play with that, you can go inside the tree house and you can play without getting wet, playing checkers," Garcia said.

Some of the features include a large fort partially made of recycled trees, a maze, using native hawaiian vegetation and a boulder garden of climbable rocks.

"Play is considered a luxury in today's society and we want to make that a necessity for all kids to have and we also want to bring back the element of nature into the playgrounds," Project manager Natalie Proffit said.

Volunteers hope to complete this nature built playground by Saturday afternoon.

Interestingly, Camp Erdman officials were looking to build a playground before knowing about this project.

When they heard about it, they thought it was the perfect fit and luckily for them, they were chosen to be the home of it.

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