Leno's last late night

Jay Leno
Jay Leno

By Zahid Arab bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Friday was a huge night for Jay Leno and his fans.

It was his last night, as host of the Tonight Show.

After 17 years, he's certainly left his legacy, on the iconic late-night chair.

He's interviewed actors, everyday people, even the President.

He's also the host Hugh Grant came clean to, about his actions with a prostitute.

For nearly two-decades we've invited Jay Leno into our living rooms, and now it's time to say so long.

He's been the late night fix for millions.

The band, banter, big laughs.

"I mean, in television as long as you still have your job, you must be doing okay", said Leno.

The armchair icon himself, sat down with us back in 1999 before a performance on Maui. Despite the big shoes to fill from Johnny Carson, he still kept it real.

"Jay Leno is actually funny it doesn't matter what he's talking about, he's a funny guy", said Carson.

Aside from monologues poking fun at current events, Leno made a mark with his antics, like the popular "jay-walking" segment, where the unsuspecting give some unusual answers to everyday questions. Conan O'Brien now takes his seat, but hey NBC execs---why not me next?

Let's hit downtown.

"Jay-walking huh? Actually this is called z-walking. z-walking? I love it, I love it."

At J.J. Dolan's, people are people.

"I'm drinking a newcastle, nut-brown ale, my son's taking shots of bourbon."

"How much would it take for you to get a tattoo of Jay Leno? "Not enough money in the world."

"What about just the chin? um no thanks."

"Can you name the person being considered for Supreme Court Justice?"

"It's a latina."



"Samamoto or something."


"Starts with an s, sata-mata-pia."

"I had that for dessert at a mexican restaurant once, it was pretty good."

"Yeah delicious."

"Starts with an s....sarah?"

"Brown hair, she's a little chunky."

"You just called a potential Supreme Court Justice chunky on t.v" "that's ok."

"I like when they ask people questions on the street and they don't know the answers, that's good stuff."

"Kind of like right now?"

"Is that what's happening right now?"

This Tonight Show stuff is hard work. Remember that young guy taking shots of bourbon?

"It's been a long week, hasn't it? "yeah at school."

After your long reign, a shot for you Mr. Leno and your legacy being late-night king.

"How was it? " A little sour."