Motorcyclists urge drivers to share the road

Les Au
Les Au

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The peak driving season is here, and state leaders hope motorcycle deaths don't peak as well.

It's sparking an effort to curb accidents between cars and motorcycles.

The State kicked off its 'Share the Road' campaign Saturday. It hopes to raise awareness of motorcycle safety. One motorcyclist says even if only one driver listens to their message, it still makes a big difference.

Les Au loves riding his motorcycle. He's done it for nearly 40 years. But what he doesn't love is getting into a confrontation with a much bigger mode of transportation.

"You cannot beat the 2,000 pound car, so my thing is and that's how I've ridden for 39 years is, you want it, go ahead and have it," he said.

For Au and other motorcyclists, they hope Saturday's rally will force drivers to share the road with them.

National traffic statistics show that Hawaii has the third highest death rate in motorcycle-related crashes.

That number alarms Au and other riders, especially since there are no signs of it slowing down.

In all of last year, there were seven motorcycle deaths on Oahu. but in just the first three months of this year, there have already been six deaths.

"I've been to many funerals, that people have died because of motorcycle accidents, it's not a pretty thing," Au said.

Au won't stop riding his motorcycle anytime soon. Nor will he drive less. In fact, he's heading to the Mainland to log almost nine-thousand miles during his ride around the U.S. borders. Plus he's already ridden in 48 states.

Still, he has this plea to drivers.

"I'm watching you, you may not be watching out for me, but I'm out there watching you, what you're doing," he said. "Share with us, I share it with you."

Au hopes his efforts Saturday will put the brakes on motorcycle crashes and deaths.

On top of the sign-waving rally, the state is also pushing its "Share the Road" message through electronic message boards in various locations around Oahu. This goes along with radio ads, broadcast throughout this weekend.