High-tech teaching tool taking education to the next level

Eric Seitman
Eric Seitman
Kyle Morikone
Kyle Morikone
Esther Yi
Esther Yi

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Students at Honolulu's Roosevelt high school are among a growing number of Hawaii students who are taking their education to new, and higher levels thanks to a very cool teaching tool.

At first glance its easy to see, what they're focusing on is not your grandfathers chalkboard.

"It's the Prometheum" said Eric Seitman, president of educational company "Its All About Kids". "This Honestly this has the opportunity to transform the way teaching is taught in the classroom, from a student engagement standpoint, from a visual auditory kinestetic point of view."

Seitman is the exclusive distributor of the Prometheum in Hawaii. He says the smart board, which intergrates high resolution graphics, video and live internet feeds keeps the students engaged and excited to learn.

9th grade teacher Kyle Morikone agrees. He says getting students interested, and keeping them interested is any teachers greatest challenge. He says the Prometheum makes that part of the job easy.

"They really show a lot more interest when the board is on" said Morikone.  "They get to come up and they get to use the controllers and the panel and the things like that."

As part of his instruction,  Morikone played a news story for the students, who are then asked to share their thoughts by "Texting" in their answers via their hand held inter-active devices.

"It really cool and it keeps you interested" said 9th grader Esther Yi.  Because you can interact with the board and its a more hands on approach to learning.

"In other classes we do regular text book, taking notes, but in this class we actually do more hands on work with the board."

For Morikone, it means less time wasted on discipline, and more time being spent do what he gets paid to do. Teach.

"Having the board is just one more tool that I use to vary up the lesson plans, making sure that everyone gets the type of information that I want to present that day."

The Prometheum runs abvout 4 thousand dollars with the hand held controllers, and is currently being used in more than 1 hundred Hawaii classrooms.