Does it work? PedEgg

Georgene Nagayama
Georgene Nagayama
Jon Tanimoto
Jon Tanimoto

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - If you're like most people, your feet could use a little TLC.

Most of us, have dry skin or calluses that can be rough or unsightly.

A tool, claiming to be the ultimate foot file, could help you.

We ask some of our colleagues at KHNL/K5 to put the PedEgg to the test.

Georgene Nagayama is always on the go.

"Well lately I've been doing a lot of walking and jogging," said Nagayama.

And the shape of her feet, doesn't help.

"And apparently my foot doesn't have the support that it needs so I guess a lot of the pressure has been hitting the balls of my feet," said Nagayama.

It's been six months since she had a pedicure, so she's willing to try the PedEgg. It claims to gently remove dry skin for smooth, beautiful, feet. Her colleague, Jon Tanimoto, is also curious.

"I never did a pedicure before so I have no idea what it's about," said Tanimoto.

So they used the PedEgg to shave off skin. Right away, they notice a difference.

"I don't feel much. It doesn't hurt, I can feel it shaving away the dead skin," said Nagayama.

They can hear it working, and see it working. They dump out the skin shavings, the PedEgg collects. The PedEgg also comes with an emery buffing pad to use after.

"Smooth it out a little bit. Oh yah, it feels a lot smoother," said Tanimoto.

So after a few minutes of this and that, we ask, 'does it work'?

"It felt fine, it didn't hurt at all. Most of my dry skin is in the heel area. So that's where I was working, and it seemed to work," said Tanimoto.

But he did have one complaint.

"It doesn't seem to catch all the dead skin because I noticed that while I was shaving it, some skin was just falling down. So not all the skin gets caught in the containment area," said Tanimoto.

But they both agree, this file, is a sweet treat for the feet.

"Of course nothing beats a pedicure, with all that massaging, but this is the next best thing to having a pedicure," said Nagayama.

The PedEgg costs about $13.